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Lynn Spellman has been singing organized barbershop since 1991, although he was introduced to it in High School. He sang in the International Contests in Calgary and Pittsburgh with the Vocal Gentry from Portland. After moving to Las Vegas, he sang many years with the Gambelaires chorus, and several registered quartets in Las Vegas, mostly as Tenor, occasionally as a lead.

Lynn now lives in Odell Oregon with his wife Susie, 3 dogs, 2 cats, a yard full of chickens and ducks, and is well known for his fabulous watermelons and cantaloupes from his two huge gardens. His main interest is old cars, and enjoys restoring, building, and/or modifying them. He also bowls several times a week, with seven sanctioned 300 games to his credit.

2018 Columbia Gorge Chapter - Barbershop Harmony Society